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How to use wax seals and sealing wax

Wax seal and sealing wax

Materials required

  • the document to be sealed
  • a brass seal
  • a teaspoon* with cloth tied around its handle to keep your hand cool
  • a piece broken from a stick of sealing wax, just shorter than the bowl of the teaspoon*
  • a wooden pencil (one without a rubber on the end)
  • a tea light candle

*This will provide enough wax for a one inch (25mm) diameter brass seal. For a 1.5 inch (38mm) diameter seal you may have to use a dessert spoon and a little more wax.


Place the wax in the spoon. Hold the spoon about 2 inches (50mm) over the tea light. If you are right-handed you should hold the spoon in your left hand.

Press the wax down onto the bottom of the spoon, using the flat wooden end of the pencil to move the wax around until it all melts. If it starts to bubble, raise it about 3 inches above the flame so it doesn't get too hot.

When all the wax has melted, put the pencil down and pick up the brass seal with the right hand.

Pour the wax from the front of the spoon onto the paper in a round pool in the position you want the seal to be. Press the brass seal gently but firmly into the centre of the pool of hot wax, until wax appears all the way round the brass seal, and leave it there for about 2 seconds.

Remove the brass seal, and your wax impression is complete.

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